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Christian County, MO



Township Polling Places in Christian County

  • E. Benton (combined with Bruner
  • W. Benton ( combined with Linden)
  • Bruner Bruner Community/Senior Center     Hwy 14 & Marshfield Road
  • Chadwick Chadwick Community Bldg.    122 Oriole Drive, Chadwick, MO.
  • Riverside #1 James River Assembly Church     6100 N. 19 th St. ,Ozark
  • Cassidy #1 Ozark Career Center    802 W. Jackson, Ozark, MO.
  • West Finley Ozark South Elementary School    1250 W. South St , Ozark
  • East Finley First Baptist Church     1400 West Jackson Ozark , Mo.
  • North Galloway Highlandville Elem School   345 Highlandville Rd,Highlandville
  • South Galloway Spokane Middle School Library    1130 Spokane Rd , Spokane
  • Garrison (combined with Chadwick)
  • Lead Hill (combined with Oldfield)
  • Lincoln #1 Clever City Hall     304 S. Clarke , Clever
  • Linden Elm Grove Church (Rogersville)     Corner of U Hwy & Elm Grove Rd.
  • North Linn Victory Baptist Church     5058 State Hwy W, Ozark
  • South Linn (combined with Chadwick
  • McCracken Ozark East Elementary School    2449 East Hartley Ozark
  • Oldfield Church of Christ     184 Oldfield Rd.,Oldfield, Mo.
  • Polk St. Joseph Church     320 NW Washington , Billings
  • Union Chapel Nixa Junior High School     205 North St. Nixa
  • Rosedale # 1A Nixa City Hall    715 W. Mt. Vernon Street, Nixa, MO
  • Garden Grove John Thomas Sch Disc. FEMA Gym   312 N. Market Street, Nixa, MO
  • Northview # 1 High Pointe Elementary School     900 N.Cheyenne Rd. Nixa
  • Seneca (combined with Chadwick)
  • Sparta High School Library     8520 State Hwy 14 E.  Sparta, MO..
  • Union Chapel #2 Inman School     1300 N. Nicholas Rd. , Nixa
  • Rosedale #2 Nixa High School     514 S.Nicholas Road, Nixa
  • Northview # 2 Summit Intermediate School Gym   890 N. Cheyenne Rd. Nixa, MO.
  • Rosedale #1B Mathews Elementary School     605 S.Gregg Rd. , Nixa
  • Riverside #2 Ozark North Elementary School Gym  3608 N. State Highway NN, Ozark
  • Cassidy #2 West Elementary School     3105 W. State Hwy. CC, Ozark
  • Lincoln #2 Clever Fire Station #1     406 N. Elm Street, Clever