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Christian County, MO



Ralph Phillips,
Presiding Commissioner

Ray Weter, Outgoing Presiding Commissioner

Hosea Bilyeu,
Western District Commissioner



On January 1, 2015 Christian County became a first class county without a charter form of government.    The governing body of Christian County is the County Commission.  The Commission consists of a Presiding Commissioner, a Western Commissioner and an Eastern Commissioner.  

The County’s elected governing body; the Board of County Commissioners directs the general administration of County Government.  The Commission sets broad operating policies, enacts ordinances and establishes budgets as mandated by State law.  The County enters into contracts with other public agencies to ensure the smooth flow of services including law enforcement, construction and maintenance of public roads, bridges and the operations of county offices, equipment and services. 

Christian County continues to emphasize the importance of addressing its infrastructure needs while also looking for ways to improve economic development.

County Commissioners assure management of assets in keeping with best practices, while preserving the existing tax base.  The County Commissioners goals are to position the County for the future through good financial stewardship. 

Some of the ways we accomplish these goals are to improve the County’s roadway infrastructure system. This would encompass improvements to primary and secondary vehicular passageways, bridges, safety, and other street and/or highway related projects.

The Commission also continuously works to improve the County’s public buildings by providing adequate maintenance and repairs.  The Commissioner’s work to preserve and enhance the County’s taxable base. 

Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings.  We meet each Monday and Thursday, with an occasional meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday.  We post our meetings 24 hours in advance per the requirements according to Chapter 610 RSMo.   To receive a copy of our agenda email: countycommission@christiancountymo.gov or call 582-4300



Agenda for next commission meeting

Form of Government

Minutes of previous meetings

Christian County Commission
100 West Church St., Room 100
Ozark, MO 65721

Phone 417-582-4300
E-mail: countycommission@christiancountymo.gov