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Christian County, MO


1106 W. Jackson St.
Ozark, MO 65721

Phone: (417) 581-6064
Fax: (417) 581-6054
Open 8:00 am – 4:30 PM    M-F excluding Federal & State Holidays


Randy Long                            581-6064
Chief Building Official                 rlong@christiancountymo.gov

Danny Tavares                       581-6064/ work cell: 521-9838
Building Inspector                     dtavares@christiancountymo.gov

Courtney Crain                       581-6064  
Permit Technician/ Scheduler      ccrain@christiancountymo.gov
(For Permits, you must apply IN PERSON. Excludes; solar panels and cell tower modifications)


The Christian County Resource Management Department addresses rules, regulations, and issues for all unincorporated areas of Christian County. Building Regulations is the office within the Resource Management Department that has the legal jurisdiction to issue permits for construction. We serve as a resource of information for the residents of Christian County, homeowners, contractors, architects and design professionals. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of public service while ensuring compliance with 2012 IBC and 2012 IRC.


Building Application

Application Requirements

Permit Reports

Holiday Schedule


Building Handouts/ Code Information
Deck Handout
House/Accessory Building Handout
Mobile Home Handout
Pool Handout

Planning & Development Main Page


Why is a permit required?

When do I need a permit?

Who can obtain a permit?

Do permits expire?

How do I get in contact with a building inspector?

Information on inspections

What should I do to plan for a commercial project?

What codes have been adopted in Christian County?

What information is required on the plans?

Are there licensing requirements?

When is a Certificate of Occupancy issued?


Why is a permit required?
Permits are required to protect all Christian County citizens from the effects of repairs, additions, or new construction which are in violation of building codes; such violations could cause harm to life and/or property. Building codes were adopted in March 2008”. Permits can take 5-6 business days to process.
(For Permits, you must apply IN PERSON. Excludes; solar panels and cell tower modifications)
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When is a permit required?
A permit is required before any construction, alteration, repair, movement or demolition of a structure. A permit is also required when the electrical, gas, mechanical and/or plumbing system is installed, altered, repaired or removed.

Well permits are issued through the Department of Natural Resources. https://dnr.mo.gov/regions/swro.htm
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Who can obtain a permit?
Permits are issued in the name of the recorded property owner(s). However, authorized agents with appropriate proof of ownership may obtain permits in the owner(s) behalf.
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Do Permits Expire?
A permit expires if the authorized work is not started within six months of the issue date or if an inspection is not conducted every six months. To renew a permit, the owner or contractor must pay renewal fees. Demolition permits expires 90 days after issuance.
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Inspections vary by project and are clarified at time of issuance. Typically, inspections include: Environmental, Footing, Underslab Plumbing, Rough-In (framing, electrical, plumbing and mechanical), and Final. Inspectors will leave a field correction notice or sticker of approval at the site. Please call (417) 581-6064 or leave a voicemail by 4:00 pm to be scheduled for next business. We will call you back to confirm inspection was scheduled.
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What should I do to plan for a commercial project?
The first step is to check with the Christian County Resource Management office to see if the property is properly zoned for your particular use. Other steps include checking with the Christian County Environmental office about any drainage issues or flood plains, to determine if sewer and water are available or if a well and septic will be required. The Christian County Highway Department would need to be contacted for access from a County Road and your utility provider would need to be contacted about any restrictions that may need to be met. Plans can take a few weeks to be approved and ready for issuance.
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What codes have been adopted in Christian County?
Christian County has adopted the 2012 International Codes, the 2011 National Electric Codes with adopted amendments and the 2011 Commercial Codes.
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What is required to submit an application?
See “Application Requirements”
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Are there licensing requirements?
In the unincorporated area of Christian County, wastewater installers must be Christian County certified, as well as State Certified.
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When is a Certificate of Occupancy Issued?
A Certificate of Occupancy is issued after the required inspections are approved and the requirements of other departments have been met, typically 2-3 business day after an approved Final inspection. This includes an approved final Septic inspection from the Health Department. An original copy of the Certificate of Occupancy is mailed to owner.
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Driveway/Culvert? Permits
Are issued through the Planning & Development Department located inside the Resource Management Office. For more information call 581-7242.
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